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“The Metamorfosis of the Divine Bufoon”, Entertainment Conference

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The Metamorfosis of the Divine Bufoon”

From Commedia dell’Arte to modern-day humour”






The Metamorfosis of the Divine Bufoon”


This is a conference and a show at the same time. It is a pathway that follows the metamorphosis of the character archetypes of the Commedia dell’Arte, towards their modern counterparts who continue to provoke so much laughter to this day. It is, after all, the same human attributes, both now and as seen 500 years ago that underpin their comic value.


From Commedia dell’Arte to modern-day humour”

The workshop

This course has been designed for actors, directors, authors looking for the deep roots of the theatre and, in particular, of comicity and comedy. Therefore it’s interesting those involved in film, television and the performing arts in general

We will throw light on processes which bring comic value to the fore, beginning with the creative area and characters of the Commedia dell’Arte, true archetypal representations of the human condition, capable of giving life to many different contemporary characters.

An opportunity to explore and assimilate the deep meaning of the comic

Course Elements

  • Introduction to improvisation work

  • Getting to know the world of the Commedia dell’Arte

  • Lazzi” (gags) and “generici” ( stock materials)

  • The “Canovaccio” and organizing textual material

  • Dealing with space and the audience

  • Mask or character technique and theory

  • The archetypal characters of the Commedia dell’Arte as the foundation of contemporary comedy

  • Improvisations with those characters

  • Canovaccio scenes

  • Dealing with modern comedy

  • Creating contemporary characters, from the archetypal characters of the Commedia,

  • their poetic world,

  • behavior,

  • situations,

  • scenes,

  • gags, “contemporary stock materials”

  • and their dramaturgy

Please note: the organizational modes of the workshop (for example, intensive or not etc.), will be agreed with the groups concerned.




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